(According to Law 23/2003 of July 10, of Guarantees in Sale of Consumer Goods)

Regulations governing the guarantee of G2 GRUP manufacturer. The G2 GRUP company hereby guarantees the consumer final, buyer of a vehicle manufactured by G2 GRUP, which both materials as the manufacturing are free from defects according to the highest standards quality. Consequently, G2 GRUP hereby guarantees the buyer final (hereinafter, the “buyer”), in accordance with the conditions expressed then repair any defect of materials or of manufacturing detected on a new motorcycle without charge, within the marked warranty period and without any limitation as to the number of kilometers traveled or the number of hours of operation.

Warranty period

The warranty period will begin on the day of the delivery of the vehicle to the buyer by a G2 GRUP authorized dealer, or in the case of models for demonstrations, on the date on which the vehicle get into operation for the first time. The seller responds to the faults of compliance that are manifested within the period established in Law 23/2003 of July of Guarantees in Sale of Consumer Goods from the delivery of the good and chord with Directive 1999/44 / EC for the rest of the Member States of the European Community. For countries outside the European Community the period of guarantee will be regulated by the norms in force of the same. Any defect detected in the product must be brought to the attention of a authorized dealer by G2 GRUP within the warranty period. If the last day of the warranty period falls on Sunday or official holiday, the warranty period will be extended in such a way that the last day of the period of Guarantee is the first business day after Sunday or official holiday.

Warranty claims for defects do not brought to the attention of a dealer authorized by G2 GRUP before end of the warranty period will be excluded.

Obligations of the buyer

G2 GRUP will be entitled to refuse warranty claims if and to the extent that:

a) The buyer has not proceeded to submit the vehicle to any of the inspections and / or maintenance work required in the user manual or has exceeded the date expressed for such inspections or maintenance work, also excluding from the warranty the defects that appear before the established date for an inspection or maintenance work that would never have been carried out, or that will be carried out after the established date.

b) Inspection, maintenance or repair work has been carried out by third parties not recognized or authorized by G2 GRUP.

c) Any maintenance or repair has been carried out in violation of the technical requirements, specifications and instructions indicated by the manufacturer.

d) Spare parts not authorized for use by G2 GRUP have been used in maintenance or repair work on the vehicle, or if and to the extent that you have used the vehicle using fuels, lubricants or other liquids (including, but not limited to, cleaning products) that have not been expressly mentioned in the specifications of the User Manual.

e) The vehicle has been altered or modified in any way or equipped with components other than those expressly authorized by G2 GRUP as admitted vehicle components.

f) The vehicle has been stored or transported in a manner not consistent with the corresponding technical requirements.

g) The vehicle has been used for a special use other than ordinary use, such as competition, races or attempts to achieve a record.

h) The vehicle has suffered a fall or accident that directly or indirectly causes damage.

Warranty Exclusions

The following items will be excluded from the warranty:

a) Wear parts, including, without limitation, spark plugs, batteries, gasoline filters, oil filter element, chains (secondary), engine output sprockets, rear crowns, air filters, brake discs, brake pads brake, clutch discs, light bulbs, fuses, carbon brushes, rubber footrests, tires, cameras, cables and other rubber components.

b) Lubricants (for example, oil, grease, etc.) and operating fluids (for example, battery liquid, coolant, etc.).

c) Inspection, adjustment and other maintenance work, as well as all types of cleaning work.

d) Damage to the paint and consequent corrosion due to external influences, such as stones, salt, industrial exhaust gases and other environmental impacts or improper cleaning with improper products.

e) Damages caused by defects, as well as expenses directly or indirectly caused by incidents of defects (for example, communications expenses, accommodation expenses, rental car expenses, public transport expenses, crane costs, express courier costs , etc.), as well as other financial damages (for example, caused by loss of use of a vehicle, loss of income, loss of time, etc.).

f) Acoustic or aesthetic phenomenon that does not significantly affect the condition of use of the vehicle (for example, small or hidden imperfections, noise or normal vibrations of use, etc.).

g) Phenomena due to the aging of the vehicle (for example, discolouration of painted or metallic coated surfaces).


1) In case the repair of the defect or the replacement of the part is disproportionate, G2 GRUP will have the prerogative to decide at its sole discretion whether to repair or replace defective parts. The ownership of the spare parts, where appropriate, will be transferred to G2 GRUP without any other consideration. The authorized dealer of G2 GRUP to which the defect repair has been entrusted will not be authorized to make binding declarations on behalf of G2 GRUP.

2) In cases of doubt as to the existence of a defect or if a visual or material inspection is required, G2 GRUP reserves the right to demand the remission of the pieces on which a warranty claim weighs or to request an examination of the default by a G2 GRUP expert. Any additional warranty obligations on spare parts without charge or for any service provided without charge under this warranty will be excluded. The warranty for spare parts within the warranty period will end on the expiration date of the warranty period of the respective product.

3) The buyer’s warranty claims under the contract of sale with the corresponding authorized dealer will not be affected by this warranty. This warranty will also not affect additional contractual rights of the buyer under the general business conditions of the authorized dealer. Such additional rights, however, can only be claimed from the authorized dealer.

4) If the buyer resells the product within the warranty period, the terms and conditions of this warranty will continue to exist with the current scope, so that the claim rights under this warranty in accordance with the terms and conditions regulated in the This document will be transferred to the new product owner

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