The following describes the processes involved in the purchase through from our website

Shopping cart.

When you see a product that interests you, you can add it to the cart. Once the product is added to the cart, a pop-up screen appears where you can check what products are added to the cart and the subtotal price of all products You want to buy. If you do not want to buy more, you must access the “Cart” through the icon on the right side of the screen. Clicking in “check” you access the cart screen. On the left side of the a form will appear on the screen with the shipping and registration address (in the if the user is not registered).

If you wish, you can use a different address such as Billing Address. Choose the shipping mode. Finally, choose the mode of payment and confirm your order. A summary of the order will appear; if you are from agreement you can confirm your order.

Order processing.

Once the item selection process is finished, the order is confirmed.

This phase is carried out in a totally secure way as it is integrated into our secure server.

Order modification.

When you are on the order summary page that you will bring it back to your cart so you can modify what you want.

If you want to modify your order once the payment is made contact us through the contact form.

Order cancellation.

You can cancel your order at any time as long as the status of the order is “Awaiting payment by bank transfer”. In the event that you have already made the payment but your order is not yet “Waiting for payment by bank transfer”, the amount will be refunded using the same method in which you made the payment.

To cancel an order you must provide the order number via email to the address from the same email address with which you registered in our store or with which you placed the order.
Sending order confirmation.
G2 Grup will send you an order confirmation via email.